11 thoughts on “Teaser”

  1. I would love to have any bedroom make over . Basically we share our room with our 1 year old baby and its very crowded .

  2. Would love a new kitchen floor and cabinet refacing and backsplash! Tile is old,chipped and ugly! Not to mention the gross grout!!!

  3. I would love to renovate my bathroom. It’s outdated. Our house was built in the 80s and the bathroom is in its original state ever since. So imagine how it looks.

  4. I purchased my home in 1993. My kitchen has not changed since my purchase. Now I have finalized adoption of my two grandkids and my kitchen need help. Please help…..thank you.

  5. I’m single mother with 3 kids we have a small living room empty . Everytime we walk in we dream with a nice and functional living room. Please help us ! We will really appreciate your consideration ❤️

  6. While I desperately need a new kitchen, I’m very aware of the cost of such a makeover. As an alternative, I would love to have my basement framed and furnished. Right now there’s a coffee table and that’s it. I moved in six months ago so that I could move my dad in after he got sick. Six months later the house still feels really unfinished. There’s really old, outdated wallpaper everywhere, peach colored tile in the bathroom, a peach and cream marble sink? I had to have somewhere for my dad and I to live, and this was it- now that it’s mine, I want to make it comfortable for us. The basement could be my own comfort zone where I can host family and frieends since my dad has claimed the living room as his own. Please help us. Thank you

  7. I was always a giver, now with nothing but a empty apartment for 7 years or with any support. I believe in giving back and that’s what I would do. Fingers crossed.

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