6 Must Have Organizational Products

By Mique Provost

If you walk down the aisles of Target, there are rows and rows of things to help organize your life.  You can find just about any whatchamacallit with the promise of having every corner of your home in tip top shape.  So which products are you supposed to get?  Trust me, I’ve tried most of them.  And they aren’t all worthy of five stars.  But there are six things that definitely serve many purposes that you should invest in.

Metal Crates

On top of looking pretty, metal crates can store all kinds of things.  I have several different sizes sprinkled throughout my home.  I keep one for blankets in our family room, a few in our coffee table for books, and several in my office to organize all of my craft supplies.  I like the look of vintage crates and have hunted for them at antique stores but you can find every size and shape easily at Target, Home Goods, Walmart, pretty much anywhere.

Shoe Organizers

I know this one might seem random but hear me out.  Shoe organizers are good for organizing shoes, of course.  But they can also be used to store kitchen tools, craft supplies, kids toys and more.  They can be stored on the back of the door, hanging on the wall or inside a closet.  And since they usually have see through plastic, it’s easy to tell exactly what is in each compartment.

Metal Shelves

Though I think these are typically used for in the kitchen with storing dishes, they have a variety of purposes.  You can flip them on their sides and use them to help with papers and books.  They can also be used in the bathroom for towels.  The possibilities are endless for storage with these shelves.

Zip Ties

Oh my love for zip ties runs deep.  We’ve used them around our home for everything from organizing cord chaos to tying down our camping gear on a recent trip.  They are inexpensive, easy to use and help keep things in place.

Expandable Drawer Organizer

This is another unexpected one because while it’s obviously great for silverware in the kitchen, there are also a bunch of other uses.  We’ve used drawer organizers for cords , to put in the bathroom for toothbrushes and in drawers for pens and office supplies.  I especially love the expandable organizers because you can make them fit into any space perfectly.

Clear Organizer Bins

Clear organizer bins are a personal preference for me.  I love the look of them and how I can easily see what is being stored.  They can be used with office supplies, make up, cleaning supplies, etc.  You can’t go wrong with having these sprinkled throughout your home.

What are your must have organizational tools?

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