Confessions Of An Interior Designer

By Tyler Wisler

Dear Diary,

Today I was approached by a couple in San Francisco about their home in the Mission District. I’m super excited to hear and see everything going on, cause it just sounds like a fun change of pace and scenery!

That’s what I immediately thought when I got the Facebook message from one of the friends of the family that I lost contact with over 25 years ago. Boy, I didn’t know what I was expecting…

I decided a quick call would be the ideal means of communication. The conference call with both husband and wife was telling. They did demolition on the basement and 1st floor of their home in December, and literally nothing had been done since!

They shot over a few photos of the “progress”…

HOLY CRAP! This is nearly 5 months worth of work?!…

Okay, first, BREATHE… Wait, hand me that paper bag, I think I’m starting to hyperventilate.

Sorry about that… WOW! How did this happen?

Well after a long conversation and further investigation it seems that it became evident that a big renovation isn’t always something that is just something you can figure out and do. The couple was a little overwhelmed, to say the least, but so appreciative of my willingness to get involved.

I have to say it is daunting, but also kind of ideal. Nothing was actually ordered, no decisions were made, so I have the opportunity to really start from scratch and use their initial thoughts as my springboard, and to just run with it…

Hope that plan is actually what pans out! Now to fly out to meet the couple and the space in person! Let’s see! Fingers crossed!

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