Confessions Of A Designer

By Tyler Wisler

Dear Diary,

I just arrived into San Francisco to check out this Folsom Project…

Well, photos don’t lie. The place was exactly I shown in the photos the clients sent over. I do have to say though, I’m jumping up and down inside because it’s so raw. This is exactly the kind of job designers dream about!

First up because it requires the most amount of immediate attention is the kitchen. These rooms, really are the heart of the home, and easily require the most amount of thought.

So, they shared one of the many kitchen plans they had been tooling around with for the past 5 months. Ummmm…

First of all, what are these monster appliances? I am all for a high-end brand name as well, but what’s going on? There’s no room for cabinets, let alone much of anything?!…

The couple admitted they went into this kitchen showroom and kind of just glazed over. This is one of the reasons you really need someone who knows how to immediately filter out the options that are not appropriate, and immediately put your blinders on to those eliminated.

They went in without a clear plan or concept and got sucked into the trap of shiny objects. 48” of refrigeration, 48” professional range… That’s EIGHT FEET of pure stainless steel on a wall that is just about 14’-0”… Do the math, there’s not much left! Even switching the range with the sink into the island things are waaaaay out of proportion for the space.

I gotta talk them out of these gigantic appliances! There’s something funny that happens when you ask someone “Why”. I immediately asked “Why did you pick these particular pieces? Are you an avid cook? Do you entertain with others so large appliances allow for a few cooks in the kitchen?”

Nope, they laughed and admitted they got sucked in by the sheer size and professional looks, but didn’t have any plausible reason why it was the right option for their lifestyle. I get it, shiny, pretty things are eye candy, and who wouldn’t want eye candy? But if it doesn’t work for you, then it’s really just an object that will be underutilized.

Homeowners need to remember that when planning your next project. Really consider who you are, and how you live. Just because a friend says, “Well this of course you need a cooktop with a grilling surface, and you will need a deep fryer in your kitchen”… REALLY?!… Assess your needs. Yes, it’s always nice for an added extra or perk with a new piece, especially in the kitchen, but keep it within reason.

Boy, how am I going to tackle this now? The mathematics of this kitchen space are tough! I gotta put on my thinking cap to see where I can downsize, but still keep the wow factor they want…

Then I asked about the elephant in the room… The random installation of (queue up the Psycho stabbing sound effects) glass bricks!!! They thought they were just gonna keep it to let more natural light in.

That’s not happening on my watch.

My brain is exhausted, I need to sleep on this. Till next time…

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