Simple Organization Hacks That You’ll Wish You’d Tried Sooner

By Mique Provost

Most families nowadays have all kinds of electronics and cords to keep organized.   Maybe you have a corner in your home that looks something like this:
Organization hacks - the before

No?  Shoot.   So maybe you don’t have a corner quite like this one.  But do you have spots in your home that are overwhelmed with cords?   This spot that houses our router and all of the important stuff for our internet to work has been like that for years.  So sad.  Every time I look at that corner, it makes my head hurt.  With a few simple organization hacks, I was able to clean it up in no time.   I have no idea why I put it off for so long.  Have no fear.  Here is the after:

Organization hacks - the after

With a little bit of time and a few supplies, I was able to whip that corner into shape. I used some pretty bins but I also used some unique items.  The hardest part was detangling all those cords.  Once they were detangled, I threaded them through cute, coordinated bins.  I then used zip ties to keep them all under control.  But I went a few steps further with some unconventional organization items.

Simple organization hacks to make your life simpler

Yep.  I used wrapping paper, zip ties, and labels to organize my space.  Curious how?  The labels were for around my kids cords.  Please tell me I’m not the only one who struggles with cord stealing on a daily basis?  If I hear one more fight over who took who’s cord again I might scream.  

Organize the drawer with electronic cords

The beauty of this is that I used a drawer sorter (though a cutlery bin would work too) and marked spots for all three of my kids.  They now each have a place to put their cords and electronics each night.  Or when they aren’t using them.  You can use all kinds of sizes of labels for cords.

Use wrapping paper in drawers to keep them nice and clean

While most people roll out contact paper for drawers, I cut wrapping paper to the size of the drawer.  It is inexpensive, you can find all sorts of colors and patterns and when you are sick of it, you can throw it out and reline with something new.

Organization hacks - the after

Now instead of running away from the cluttered chaos, I love looking at this corner of our home!

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