Summer Bucket List

By Mique Provost

Every summer we start off strong with high hopes of sleeping in, exploring our town and spending quality time together.  Somehow by the end of 2 months, we are more than ready to be back in school.  But this summer is going to be different.  This summer we made a Summer Bucket List and we’re going to attack it.

Make a Summer Bucket List with your kids!

One of the things that people visit my site for over and over again is my printables.  I like making pretty designs and sharing them with the world.  Why not make a huge gigantic sign and share it with all of you?
To make this Summer Bucket List, I used Adobe Illustrator.  Fear not, if you aren’t familiar with the program, I have the downloads for you below.
Because I like to make lists (even if I don’t follow them all the time…shh…..) I created two different versions of this bucket list. One with sections and lines to write on and one without.  My youngest had a good time filling it in:

Make a Summer Bucket List with your kids

He asked over and over – “can I put _______” on this list?  It will serve as a guideline for things to do after the kids do their chores, are bored or just because we fill like it.
You can set a family meeting to discuss what types of things you want to do over the summer.  Or you can be more spontaneous and add as you go along.  It’s up to you and is meant to make the summer more fun and meaningful.

Suggestions for making your own:
Download the bucket lists (below) and then upload them to a copy center.  I was able to send my files to Staples and print two huge 36″x48″ for under $15.  They are “engineer prints” so they are a thinner piece of paper.  Make sure to check engineer print when you order.  You could also print, put it in a frame and use dry erase markers to check things off one by one.

Make a Summer Bucket List with your kids this summer!

Download the lined version.  Or blank version.  For personal use only.  

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